Fidelity Series - Bill Clements Signature


Our latest version of our Fidelity Series basses is the Bill Clements signature model. The perfect combination of looks, playability, tonal range, and ergonomics, Bill brings his favorite features to our most popular line. 

Michigan native Bill Clements had a promising career as a bass player until he lost his right arm in an industrial accident in 1989. In a tremendous display of determination and sheer guts, Bill developed his own unique one-handed style of bass playing and, remarkably, was able to resume his career. Known internationally, Bill has established himself as an uncompromising stylist and technical pioneer, redefining what is possible on the bass. Bill's resume is long and impressive but he cites his work helping other disabled musicians to reconnect with music as his most rewarding accomplishments. "I'm thrilled to team up with ABW to bring my style and my message of perseverance together with ANSIR Technology. The angled neck design of this bass has allowed me to expand my technique even further, not having to support the neck of my bass is tremendous."

The Fidelity Bill Clements model is made using beautiful figured Claro walnut bookmatched top and ebony stringer over a 3 piece select alder panel. Each bass is a unique piece of art.

Featuring Sims Super Quad pickups. The Sims "Super Quad" pickup system exploits the use of multiple coils in each pickup enclosure. Utilizing the Sims unique "Tri-Logic" switching system, you can select a multitude of tones straight from the pickups themselves, enabling you to switch between split coil (red), single coil (green), and hum cancelling (blue), with just the flick of a switch. These tri colored LED's make it simple to identify and navigate between the various models. Sims Super Quad pickups are like having 15 pickups in one instrument!

The Indian Rosewood fretboard in conjunction with a maple neck lends a masculine look with a great balance of bright and warm tones.

Aguilar OBP- 3 band preamp gives you maximum onboard tonal control and dynamic range with zero hum. Wired at 18v, deep lows, articulate midrange, and sweet treble response are all just a knob twist away. 


  • Maple neck / Indian Rosewood fretboard 

  • 21 fret 4 string / 22 fret 5 string

  • Black Graph-tech TUSQ XL nut at 1.5" jazz string spacing

  • Aguilar OBP-3, 3 band preamp wired at 18v

  • Sims Super Quad multi coil pickups

  • KSM Foundation™ aircraft aluminum bridge

  • Hipshot  HB-1 tuning machines, o ring knobs, and string retainer

  • Dunlop strap lock system / dual purpose buttons   

  • Protec Deluxe gig bag included.

  • Industry Standard playing Angle for maximum comfort and playability

  • Available either 4 or 5 strings, Left or right handed.