Classic Series Tru-tone™ Natural


Artisan Classic Series Natural basses are part of the True-Tone™ collection. True-Tone™ collection basses offer exactly that, the true tone you expect from a P or J style bass. Whether it's the classic P style tone musicians have relied on since the electrification of the bass, or the inviting J style that revolutionized bass tone, these basses deliver.

They are also available in a modern P/J setup for even more tonal variety. Dependable tone in conjunction with the ANSIR Technology™ Industry Standard Playing Angle make these basses the next generation in the evolution of the electric bass. 

  • Select alder solid body 

  • Clear super durable high gloss finish

  • Maple neck with maple, Indian rosewood, or ebony fretboard

  • Available either J/J, P/J, or J/MM

  • Featuring Seymour Duncan Basslines™ Hot stack for jazz pickups

  • Active with a 2 band preamp in a V/B/T configuration, stack treble/bass tone knob

  • KSM Foundation™ aircraft aluminum bridge, and

  • Hipshot HB-1 vintage tuning machines

  • Black gloss pickguard

  • 4 or 5 strings

  • Left or right handed orientation. 

  • Protec Deluxe gig bag included.

This bass can be upgraded with our Aguilar electronics package featuring an OBP-3, 3 band preamp and J-HC hum canceling pickups.