Here we provide you more information on the different features that make up an Artisan Bass Works bass.



The Angle 

All Artisan basses come with our "Industry Standard Playing Angle" neck. This is the angle found to be the most confortable by a majority of players. This was determined through extensive testing over several years of independent research. 

We also offer a "Personal Playing Angle," customized to the individual, on all custom builds. See the Artisan shop page for details regarding custom builds with your perfect playing position engineered into the instrument of your dreams, at a price below many manufacturers standard instruments.



We utilize the industry's finest electronic components available. Our basses feature our proprietary wiring schematics which we developed over years of testing, research, and old fashioned trial and error. 

Our passive basses use Seymour Duncan pickups in conjunction with what we believe to be the best passive tone circuit to date. These basses are often mistaken for active, they give a nice variety of noise free tonal control at an output not usually found in a passive bass. This is not your average passive setup; there is no worry about cutting through the mix with an Artisan passive bass.

As with the passive tone circuitry, Artisans' active electronics are the result of extensive research and development. On board tone cIrcuits add tremendous tonal versatility. This enables the player to add or subtract EQ at center frequencies voiced specifically for electric bass, with low noise, low distortion and high headroom.

Our active basses come standard with Seymour Duncan 2 band preamps and active stack pickups. Active only, this configuration features a treble/bass stack knob with boost or cut, allowing for a wide range of onboard tonal adjustment. The lows are deep, clear, and tight, a simple adjustment generates that needed growl and bite. The higher setting provides crystal clear top end to modern-sounding full-frequency bass tones.

We also offer the option on all active basses of upgrading to the premium quality of Aguilar Amplification preamps and pickups. Featuring OBP-3, 3 band preamps and hum cancelling pickups, this configuration delivers the best modern electronics has to offer!  

Whether you choose and ABW passive or active setup, you can be assured you will have complete control over all tonal voicing requirements for all musical styles and genres. 



We offer several different finish systems to meet any type of preference or requirement. Each model comes standard with a particular type of finish and all can be customized. Whether you want the natural feel and tone of oil and wax, the warm glow of satin lacquer, or the maximum durability and shine of high gloss polyester, we have a finish to meet your demand. We also offer custom finishing, be it; trans dye, color bursts, metallics, pearls, candies, metal flake, or custom graphics. A non standard finish is a great way to customize your bass without a custom build price.

Regardless of the finish you choose, at Artisan Bass Works, you can be assured we will use the highest quality products available and we will apply them with the utmost skill, providing your instrument with a beauty and durability designed to last a lifetime.



We use only premium hardware and select components, which have proven to unleash the tonal characteristics of the instrument. Each part has been thoroughly tested and chosen for its durability and tonal qualities.  All hardware on Artisan basses has been tried and tested, we have chosen each component based on a stringent set of criteria. You can be assured each piece of hardware will deliver excellent performance with a durability that will handle the most strenuous conditions you will encounter. Below is an overview of some of the hardware we utilize.








Aguilar preamps have high headroom, low distortion and reproduce the full dynamic range of your instrument. These are the "Aguilar Sound" in an affordable package. A great upgrade for any bass!

The OBP-3 is Aguilar's most flexible onboard preamp design, providing +/-18dB of cut and boost at 40Hz, +/- 16dB of cut and boost at either 400Hz or 800Hz and +/- 16dB of treble cut and boost at 6.5 kHz. 


Whether you are looking for period-correct vintage flavors or the most modern tones; Aguilar has the pickup for your bass. Aguilar pickups provide excellent string-to-string balance and consistency of tone throughout the entire range of your bass. The dynamic range of these pickups allows for a quick transient attack that responds to your playing style. You get the deep lows, articulate midrange, and sweet treble response that are the benchmarks of the Aguilar sound.

The AG 4, 5, and 6J-HC split-coil pickups give you noiseless Jazz Bass tone that works for all playing styles. With traditional single-coil pickups, bassists are plagued by hum when the neck and bridge pickups are at different volume levels. While other hum-canceling pickups tackle the noise, you are left with thinner lows, a harsher midrange and a lack of dynamics.

The Aguilar hum-canceling pickups feature a split-coil design that allows you to get any pickup level combination without 60-cycle hum - all while retaining the natural, organic tone of your bass. Now you can experience the deep, resonant low-end of the neck pickup or solo the bridge pickup for that sought-after midrange cut without annoying hum! Wound in Aguilar’s NYC factory, the HC pickups are wound to have the big, dynamic tone that Aguilar pickups are known for.











STC-2 series preamps provide lows that are deep, clear, and tight. There are two treble frequency centers to choose from. The lower setting is perfect for adding growl and bite to traditional P, J, and MM tones. The higher setting provides crystal clear top end to modern-sounding, full-frequency bass tones and when used with Blackouts for Bass gives punishing clarity without any brittleness.


Seymour Duncan active stack pickups offer increased output over standard stack style pickups. The neck pickup is fat and present with enough punch and snap to bring definition and brilliance to the low-B. The bridge pickup has a solid bottom with a dip in the mids for warmth and clarity. When paired with a fully discrete, ultra quiet, 9-volt preamp, they deliver low impedance output with excellent dynamic range. 









Hipshot has designed and manufactured innovative guitar hardware in the United States since 1985.  They remain a perennial favorite of both amateur and professional players. Artisan Bass Works uses Hipshot HB-1 tuning machines on all Classic Series basses. Utilizing a 27 to 1 gear ratio, they ensure years of accurate tuning. 

We also use Hipshot O-ring knobs for non slip adjustment and aircraft aluminum string retainers. These give proper string tension for tone, sustain and playability. They are super lightweight with a unique top load slot design which allows for quick and easy stringing. 










KSM Foundation™ Bridge

The KSM Foundation Bass Bridge was designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also to be fully adjustable for each individual player. Utilizing a patented ramp system that allows for precise adjustment and maximizes the transfer of string to body vibration. This improved contact gives the instrument exceptional brightness and clarity. Artisan bass works uses the KSM Foundation bridge on both standard and custom basses.












Dunlop strings are designed, developed and manufactured at their state-of-the-art strings factory in Benicia, CA. Armed with the latest machinery, Dunlop string designer Les O'Connor, formerly of DR Strings and Black Diamond Strings, led the Dunlop design team to bring the Dunlop strings vision to life. Without being tied to a '60s string formula, Les took a modern and scientific approach to string design. With critical feedback from top touring artists, Les was able to design a string that met modern guitar player's needs. Dunlop Strings use traditional high quality materials and metals to produce non-coated guitar strings in standard gauges. In addition, innovative hybrid wrapping techniques and custom core-to-wrap ratios produce a superior low-tension string. All Dunlop strings are balanced set to set and come in corrosion inhibiting packaging that keeps them fresh.

All Artisan basses will be shipped from the manufacturer with Dunlop stainless steel strings.











For over 25 years Protec International has been supplying the music industry with cases and bags designed by musicians for musicians.

All Artisan basses will ship with a Protec deluxe gig bag featuring tough 600 Poly exterior, double exterior pockets with a built-in organizer, an extra accessory/string pocket, thick 25mm padding, backpack straps that tuck away neatly into a built-in pocket and a brushed cloth lining with string and bridge protection.