We offer customization to any standard model or full on custom built to your specifications. 



Take an existing model and choose a custom finish or graphic, replace hardware, add your favorite pickups, change wood species,etc. We offer many modifications to our standard models. This is a great way to get a "custom" bass without a custom build price. 

Custom Build

We also offer full service custom builds. Design it yourself, have us help you with your design, or have us design one for you. This is not just one of our basses modified, we will take your idea and turn it into the bass you've been dreaming about. 

Custom builds start at $1950. This includes an alder body, any shape ours or yours, with a maple neck and choice of wood species for the fretboard. It comes equipped with our standard hardware. From there, it's up to you. Utilize an exotic wood species, add a face lamination, change hardware, choose electronics and pickups, develop a custom finish or graphic, and so on. 

If you aren't sure what you want exactly, need advice, or just want something different, we can assist you as much, or as little, as you like. We offer you options and make suggestions to help guide you through the process.

All custom builds include our "Personal playing angle." Using 2 simple to take measurements, we can determine what angle is your preferred playing position and engineer that angle into your custom bass. This makes for an incredibly comfortable playing experience as you can now maintain that angle with no effort, the instrument stays exactly where you like it! You can expect that not only will the bass sit perfectly for you, it will free up your fretting hand to just that, fret. Don't underestimate the impact this will have, as a customer told us "you don't realize how much effort it takes to hold the neck up until you don't have to anymore!"


Contact us to discuss pricing and options. 





Here are a few examples of instruments produced by The Artisan Shop. 


An ergonomic dream; short scale, highly angled neck, very light! Lace Redwood Burl front AND back over spanish cedar core with exposed ebony spline joinery. Padouk neck with gaboon ebony custom inlaid fretboard and aircraft aluminum nut. Featuring Seymour Duncan pickups in P/MM with an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp at 18v.



This customer wanted a solid slab body. We used this walnut crotch slab with a Indian rosewood neck and gaboon ebony fretboard. This bass features top side controls and an ebony playing ramp. 





A custom version of our Avandaro body style. Alder body with a jatoba neck and macassar ebony fretboard. Features include an integrated thumb rest, hand carved volutes, and a half fretted neck/half lined fretless 5 string.


Here is an excellent example of customizing a Classic Series bass. Satin black lacquer, no pickguard, and our Aguilar electronics upgrade. The neck is a full 24 frets with a 4+1 matching finish headstock.




Another good example of a standard series bass customized. This is a Bravura Standard with a spalted box elder face lamination and pau ferro fretboard.





A great example of taking a concept and turning it into a bass. This leaf bass was designed from a client provided picture of a leaf. We took it from there. Pau Amarillo with jatoba neck and bocote fretboard.




6 string lined fretless made of seagrass mahogany with our cube pattern back lamination. Jatoba/wenge 5 piece neck, bocote fretboard. Features include a Schaller bridge, Hipshot bass extender, and Nordstrand pickups.



Another example of a concept brought to life. This customer had a 6 string smiling "Kosmic Whale" graphic in mind. An alder body, maple neck, and custom fretboard inlay on a purpleheart fretboard. Featuring a Kaehler tremolo bridge. 





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