Our instruments are 100% American made, utilizing the highest quality domestic hardware and components available, at our manufacturing facility located 25 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio USA. 

It is our goal to manufacture high quality basses that provide everything an artist could want/expect in a professional quality tool, with the added bonus of a more efficient, more anatomically correct, ergonomic design. Basses that deliver the tone you demand, with the comfort you deserve. 

We are an official licensee of ANSIR Technology. This patented angled neck design puts the neck of the instrument in the “perfect playing position,” which facilitates the efficient transfer of energy from player to instrument. It also allows faster fretting as it frees up the hand from having to maintain playing position. As well, it reduces neck, back, and wrist strain, while helping to prevent and/or manage repetitive motion stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

All standard series instruments are manufactured with an “Industry Standard Playing Angle,” the angle found to be most comfortable to the majority of players. This angle was determined through extensive testing of hundreds of musicians, over several years of research. 

As musicians ourselves, we seek to provide our fellow artists a complete tool; an instrument that has the tone, the look, and the playability required, with unrivaled comfort. Our basses will elevate your playing by allowing you to play longer sessions, enjoy your playing more, and making the process easier. All of this, while protecting you from unnecessary injury and stress, at a price a working musician can afford. 

We offer many custom options that can be added to any standard series bass to personalize your bass, without a custom build price. If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us.



1-888-812-7428 toll free



Our Guarantee

If for some reason you are truly unhappy, contact us and we will resolve the matter in a fair and timely fashion. If at any time a problem occurs with one of our instruments and cannot be fixed by a local luthier, we will repair it. If we can do it for free, we will.

We offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy on all direct sales. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.